The Tower of Worth is HANDPICKED on the

The Tower was there sometime.

With all the worth and reputation.


To reach the higher of the tower

Have to prove worth.


The Tower of Worth is EgoChanging rougelike game.

You become one of numerous challengers and climb the tower.

Ego Changing

Your ego change its trait by your action and decision.

Each trait have its own special ability that affect your game play.


Most of ego need to unlock by specific condition and

Once unlocked, The unlocked Ego will be applied to next game too.


Unlock Ego with various actions and become a stronger challenger!

weapon select.png
Random Weapon

In your hand, you only have inherited weapon.

Each weapon have 4 special skill and

With these skills, you have to deal with the numerous threats of the tower.


If you're lucky, you can choose in some weapons.


Or even you can't have nothing to choose.

Crossroad of Decision

Sometime in Tower, you might have to make a determination.

Determination have to pay the price


Think cautiously and make the most worthy determination.

Numerous Ordeals

Tower is cruel.

For protect their place,

for drag you down,

All others will disturb you.

They'll all try to take you down using their own strategies. Understand the enemy and make a solution.

Proven Worth

As you climb the tower, your worth keep changing.

Prove the best worth with more perfect and reasonable action.

The tower will respect your worth.

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Find bug or have something to suggest?

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