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Our World is in danger!

Suddenly fearful monsters started to invade our world!
Every trying to resist was useless and
the history of the war was continuous of fail and retreat.
But We found a way.
We always have.
With the sacrifice of brave heroes and effort of brilliant genius,
The moment of counterattack has finally come!
A.R.M is the only hope to save the world!
Arm up with this Absolutely Reliable Machine!
and Save the World!!

ARM is a 2D action game focused on Battle without moving.

Take the fatal fight against terrifying monsters that want to destroy our world!

  • Enjoy a thrilling and tactical battle with simple action!

  • Each Monster uses his own tactics with his advantage. Analyze the enemy and target weaknesses!

  • Don't forget to upgrade your ARM! Cover your weakness, enhance advantage and learn new skills!

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AbsolutelyReliableMachine 2020-09-04 오후
AbsolutelyReliableMachine 2020-09-04 오후
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