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Reloader: subject_alpha is the first chapter of the Reloader Project.

Development of subject_alpha is now ongoing!

Check Development Roadmap and Wishlist on Steam Store page!

- Synopsis

You were the legendary agent before until got in a coma by an unexpected accident.
After the medical staff's efforts, you came back to your senses, but lost all memories due to the aftereffects. Only except for the memory about aiming and firing skills.
There are many problems only you can handle.
Complete various missions and reload lost memories and skills!

-System Feature

In Reloader: subject_alpha, Improve the game system of Test_subject to make a more realistic and breathtaking CQB battle.
-Improved new pixel graphic for more free animation.
-Various weapon changes.
-Improved melee combat system like throwing items, self-defense martial art.
-New tactics such as bulletproofs, shields and grenades.
-More sophisticated AI and richer missions.
-Much more Strange and suspicious spy

spy Interupt Fit.png
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